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and we proved it by doing it ourselves! In 2016, we promised forever to each other and it was the best day we could've imagined. We've talked for hours and hours, reliving all our favourite moments together (which was A LOT!). Our marriage is so much more than just that one day, but it's still so special in our hearts because its where our story began. We believe that a wedding day is the grand entrance into the amazingness that is being married to your best friend. That's what it was for us, and we sure hope that's what it is for you too. 

Friend, if we could give you one piece of advice...
Plan an incredible wedding day and an even more incredible marriage.

MEET my Man

Hi! I'm Jenna

Lover of all things cozy and covered in chocolate.
I'm your lead photographer and personal comedian for the day. I can't promise my jokes are funny, but I try anyway. My favourite jokes are dad jokes... so there's that....

I've got a slight obsession with sock buns, scarves, and chocolate. I'm am an optimist, a problem solver, a dog mom and soon to be a human mom! I love Jesus with my whole life. My internal GPS is non-existent, I don't like the smell of coffee, and I frequently roll around on the floor with my dog.

Ishmael Here!

Frequently known as ishy, ishy squishy, fish, shmeal, shmelly, the list goes on....But most people call me Ish, so let's go with that!

On wedding days, I'm like the cool sidekick that does all the important stuff while the superhero (my wife) runs around doing whatever she does... alright, alright, I'm joking.... kind of. I'm a sports guy and could forever live on lactose free cheese, BBQ chips and coffee. Jesus is the center of my life. I am an organization guru and although I didn't think I'd ever say this before marrying Jenna, but I love our dog to pieces.


We are Jenna and Ishmael Dalm; Christian photographers, storytellers, best friends, and favourite adventure buddies. We met in our 2nd year of University, and bonded over late night accounting homework sessions (romantic right?!). Eventually, we fell in love, and got married the summer after graduation! 

That's a little about how our story began but click the arrow below for some more fun, random facts about us!


We both have a major travel but and love to find adventures wherever we go. Whether it's local to Ontario or in another country, we always try to scout out some hidden local gems while we're there. The next few places on our bucket list: Ireland, Greece, & Italy!


We are Christians who love and live for Jesus Christ. We are sinners that don't deserve the grace that God has given us but in him we have found our hope and joy.
God is good, ALL THE TIME!

OUR little man

Meet Isaiah! This is our little man. We love him with all our hearts and can't imagine life without him now that he's here. He's a joyful little fellow and just brings such light to our lives. We're so blessed to me his mom and dad.

OUR "furbaby"

We have an Aussie puppy named Piper. She's got the most beautiful blue eyes. Ever since she was just a baby, we would take her with us on our bike rides, she loves it. She is our silly, sweet, loving Pipey and has stolen a piece of our hearts! 

our crazy selves

We definitely bring out the crazy in each other. From Ish's opera singing to Jenna's strange voices, we're pretty much a match made in heaven. Although we may look normal, rest assured, we aren't... and we like it that way.

Redeemer University

We met at Redeemer University in Ancaster, ON where Jenna got her BA in Business & Performance Theatre and Ishmael got his Honours BA in Business Management & Marketing. 

5 fun facts about us

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