We are Christians who love and live for Jesus Christ. We are sinners that don't deserve the grace that God has given us but in him we have found our hope and joy.
God is good, ALL THE TIME!

We have an Aussie puppy named Piper. She's got the most beautiful blue eyes. Ever since she was just a baby, we would take her with us on our bike rides, she loves it. She is our silly, sweet, loving Pipey and has stolen a piece of our hearts! 



Conveniently enough, we are BOTH lactose intolerant. No cheese, no milk, no yogurt, nothing... Until one day we saw the lactose free EVERYTHING aisle. After that day, we ate grilled cheese 4 times in a week. I know, thats gross but... CHEESE!!


We definitely bring out the crazy in each other. From Ish's opera singing to Jenna's strange voices, we're pretty much a match made in heaven. Although we may look normal, rest assured, we aren't... and we like it that way.


Ish loves Lays BBQ  and Jenna loves Jalapeno Doritos...
It works out well because we get the entire bag to ourselves! Although Ish does get a little upset when Jenna decides to share his chips with the dog... thats when things get a bit salty around here.


We met at Redeemer University in Ancaster, ON where Jenna got her BA in Business & Performance Theatre and Ishmael got his Honours BA in Business Management & Marketing. 

We are Jenna and Ishmael Dalm; Christian photographers, storytellers, best friends, and lovers from Orillia, Ontario!
We met in our 2nd year of University, and bonded over late night accounting homework sessions (romantic right?!). Eventually, we fell in love, and got married the summer after graduation! That's a little about how our story began; if you want to know more, just click the arrow below for some fun facts about us.

Hey There!

Our Approach

We are storytellers for those who dare to love deeply. For those who want to remember exactly what their love feels like in that moment; the joy, the laughter, the tears. We enjoy to working with the joyful bride that loves the details but at the end of the day is just excited to marry the man of her dreams; the groom that feels like the luckiest man alive to have found such an incredible woman; the couple who feels 100% at home when they're together. This is a love that is worth remembering.

This love deserves to be told with authenticity and beauty. It deserves to be treated as one of a kind. It is the emotion and the personality of your story that makes it unique; your happy tears, your stolen looks and all those quirky things that make you, YOU! We want to document your story not just for you to remember, but to be remembered for generations. We want you to be able to show your grandchildren just how much "Grandpa loved Grandma" on your wedding day. Our hope is that these photos will become part of the legacy you leave as husband and wife.

Do you have some more questions about working with us? 

We have compiled our frequently asked questions just for you!


Frequently Asked Questions


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Everyone has a beautiful story, from the smallest moment to the most important, these stories are worth remembering. Let us tell your story in an authentic, elegant, and timeless manner to preserve those memories forever.